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What we do.

Who is Melanie

Melanie is a Bridgnorth resident who came forward in order to assist the residents who were affected by the Winter floods in January 2021.

She assisted with temporary accommodation and the supply of day to day essentials by asking for donations on the Social media group “Bridgnorth News and Views” which got a great response from the local caring Community of Bridgnorth.

During this time many people came forward who were struggling financially after losing their jobs due to covid 19 aswell, so she assisted them too.

After all this Melanie noticed there was an ongoing need for support after the floods and during the pandemic restrictions hence she has now created her own official community support group which has a great team of Volunteers and receives a lot lot of donations from the generous public.

What we do

Support our local community

We support our local community by helping those who are currently struggling financially and are in need of day to day essentials aswell as any other type of support.

Support vital charities

We support important charities that are close to our hearts by raising funds with charity events and challenges.

Give people hope

Our dedicated team not only helps people out in emergencies but we sign post them to the relavant  departments in order to assist them with more permanent solutions, such as financial support.

To provide our community with meaningful and functional support from a dedicated team of volunteers and build a strong community and promote the common good.

Meet the volunteers

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